Academy Structure

Khmelnytskyi Humanitarian-Pedagogical Academy is one of the oldest and prestigious higher educational institutions in Ukraine. The Academy is proud of its traditions and has prospects for development. Many generations of teachers have made a great contribution to the achievements in the fields of pedagogy and psychology, humanities, pedagogical practice, and educational training. Nowadays, the academic and teaching staff of Khmelnytskyi Humanitarian-Pedagogical Academy consists of 12 ScD, 86 Ph.D., and senior lecturers. More than 2,000 students study at the Academy. Also, we have the Preparatory Department in the Ukrainian language for foreign students in our Academy nowadays.

The Academy cooperates with 43 higher educational establishments and scientific institutions of Ukraine and the world, including the New Generation School Teacher Joint Project of the British Council in Ukraine and the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine; Joint Project of the Fund “Real Madrid” and social and sports school at our Academy and others. Moreover, since 12.01.2021 we have won the International Credit Mobility – KA 107 Project with Muş Alparslan University (Turkey) and since 01.08.2020 we have signed bilateral agreements with Suleyman Demirel University (Turkey) as a part of the Mevlana Exchange Programme. Furthermore, the Academy has signed some agreements with different higher educational institutions in Poland, Slovakia, and others.

Khmelnytskyi Humanitarian-Pedagogical Academy offers 14 specialties:

  • Primary Education
  • Pre-school Education
  • English language and literature
  • German language and literature
  • Ukrainian Language and Literature
  • Psychology
  • Social Work
  • Tourism Studies
  • Art
  • Choreography
  • Musical Art
  • Cultural Studies
  • History

The Academy provides Master's programs in Management (Management of educational institution); Educational Sciences (Pedagogy); English language and literature; Ukrainian language and literature; History; Music Art; Primary Education and Pre-school Education.

 Khmelnytskyi Humanitarian-Pedagogical Academy also offers Postgraduate and Doctoral studies in the field of Education.


Department of International Affairs

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